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Gym and/or Tacos

This is true on so many levels. However it does not have to be one or the other as the girl on those old El Paso commercial says: why not  both? The quote could imply that we would rather indulge in unhealthy food rather than exercise, but if you are not getting your tacos fromContinue reading “Gym and/or Tacos”


“Chimi Cha-Cha” follow-up PIE paragraph

This is a follow-up on the Chimi Cha-Cha blog post from before Many people who frequent the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney are given an assortment of meals to choose from. One of those meals is the Chimi cha-cha as I mentioned before. Back then, when I had it, I didn’t really think of theContinue reading ““Chimi Cha-Cha” follow-up PIE paragraph”