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Diner Quesadilla

Have you ever ordered quesadillas at a diner? Well, if you haven’t, you most definitely should at least once in your life. While it is not what you would expect from a food truck, the quality taste and feeling is still there. Here, I ordered one with chicken, cheddar cheese, and jalapenos, with sides of sour cream, guacamole, and salsa. This combo makes for an enjoyable dinner. The jalapenos excite the taste buds enough, but to not overpower the chicken. The cheese binds the ingredients to a tee. Like I said, if you never had a diner quesadilla before, you should definitely try it as soon as possible!

I know it’s not the LAST place you would expect a quesadilla, but I feel like some people who only like real, authentic Mexican food will instantly pass on it. I’m here to say, don’t pass! Give it a try, because the ingredients are real enough, so why not the whole thing?


Published by ploftus99

I am a junior English major at St. John's University.

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