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“Chimi Cha-Cha” follow-up PIE paragraph

This is a follow-up on the Chimi Cha-Cha blog post from before

Many people who frequent the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney are given an assortment of meals to choose from. One of those meals is the Chimi cha-cha as I mentioned before. Back then, when I had it, I didn’t really think of the name or the link to Mexican history. But in this class, this meal was one of the first things I immediately thought of when I reminisced on my past meals.

This dish is a play on words of the chimichanga and the cha-cha- dance. Upon research, there is not really anything on Disney’s website about the origin of their food. What I put together was that while the cha-cha dance is of Cuban origin, it did branch out in popularity in the US and in Mexico.

Looking back, I now realize that there is a relation between the chimi cha-cha and Mexican culture, due to the diaspora of cha-cha- knowledge that enveloped Mexico. Although it isn’t the best medium to display culture in food, it’s all they have at the Rainforest Cafe, so I had to bring this to light!


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I am a junior English major at St. John's University.

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