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Gym and/or Tacos

This is true on so many levels. However it does not have to be one or the other as the girl on those old El Paso commercial says: why not 

both? The quote could imply that we would rather indulge in unhealthy food rather than exercise, but if you are not getting your tacos from fast food places then they can be healthy. So enjoy those tacos with real 100% chicken, beef, or lettuce and tomato. It won’t make you feel like you’re wasting the calories you burn at the gym!

This quarantine made me realize how relyant I was at the gym, ever since I have been going there on a regular basis. It also made me realize how much Mexican food meant to me this semester, before everything started to close down! But because of this quote, I can sleep peacefully knowing that in the future, the gym and tacos will live in my life in peaceful harmony.


Published by ploftus99

I am a junior English major at St. John's University.

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