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Pollo Oaxaca

Another great dish from Monty’s is the Mexican grilled chicken with cheese or queso sauce. This food is covered with red pepper and greens, and it is all smothered in what appears to be Oaxaca cheese sauce. That is what I figured the sauce was as I recognized the taste, and I also noticed the hint of green pepper which is the main ingredient in the Oaxaca cheese sauce upon research. 

On its own, Oaxaca cheese is delectable and resembles mozzarella in my own opinion. Mozzarella is also my favorite cheese, so Oaxaca is high on my list! It is a match made in heaven when it is paired with grilled chicken too! You just can not go wrong with that. I usually do not have this type of cheese often. And when I have something for the first time in a while, it always tastes amazing! However, for Oaxaca cheese, I feel like this is something I will never get tired of!


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I am a junior English major at St. John's University.

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