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Hard Shell Tacos

Open tortillas aren’t the only Mexican food Monty’s has to offer. The other day I was lucky enough to eat some hard shell tacos! One taco was filled to the brim with beef and rice. The beef was sweet and evened out nicely with the rice. The next taco was filled with chorizo. That added a spice to the overall dish that was badly needed. The last taco was a fish taco filled with cod. The fishy taste kind of overpowered the whole taco, but otherwise it wasn’t bad! Better than Taco Bell for sure! Have you ever had hard shell tacos from scratch? If so, is there a go-to ‘routine’ where you add the ingredients in a specific order? That might sound crazy, but the placement of toppings and ingredients really change the nature of the taco. Always keep that in mind before chowing down on the Mexican food you love!


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I am a junior English major at St. John's University.

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