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Is this a good representation of authentic Mexican culture?

Earlier this year I was able to visit Epcot, and the first country spectators see is Mexico. This is a picture of “El Castillo,” which is said to have been created in the image of the famous El Castillo in Yucatan. This means that the temple is of Mayan origin, as that tribe dominated the Yucatan peninsula as well as Belize and Guatemala. Walking inside, you can see all the different kinds of art, as well as a market where you can get a plethora of souvenirs related to Mexico.

What makes this authentic, though? For all we know, it could have been made by a bunch of white guys who wanted to represent Mexico. After some research, I found that Disney hired Mexican-American artist, Eddie Martinez, to oversee the making of the Tres Caballeros ride, as well as other decorations! So it looks like Disney did a good job in the formation of expressing Mexico in an authentic way!


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I am a junior English major at St. John's University.

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