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“Chimi-What Now”

Recently, I went to Disney World with my friends, and it did not disappoint. Same goes with the food! Although there was one precarious dish that piqued my interest. One of the appetizers at the Rainforest Cafe was called the “Chimi-cha-cha.”

Right off the bat, I took what I could conjure from this dish and thought about it. The “Chimi” part obviously had to do with the chimichanga and the “cha-cha” part I believe had to do with the cha cha dance. Upon research I couldn’t find anything on Disney’s website about the origin of this dish so I had to trust my gut instinct and go with my original assumptions! The mashup of the chimichanga, which is a favorite in the Tex-Mex community with the cha cha, which is a popular Spanish and Latin American dance that’s popularity swept through Mexico, is a one-two punch of culture as much as flavor. 


Published by ploftus99

I am a junior English major at St. John's University.

2 thoughts on ““Chimi-What Now”

  1. I think the “cha cha” is relating to the dance. It’s a mashup of that and chimi, just like you said. Disney has been notorious for its Mexican creations, one of the most famous being the taco salad, yes, the same one you’re thinking of. It started in Disneyland.


  2. Also, you should be around 18 posts so far for the semester. One of the posts you have is your first assignment, so that one doesn’t count, but you do have some more to get going through. Good luck!


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