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Taco Bell: What If?

What if Taco Bell’s food actually looked like how they advertised it? To be fair, it’s not just them, it goes with every fast food chain out there. If you want food that looks as good as they say it is, look no further than any authentic food joint. Go on Google and search authentic Mexican and everything will be answered! Thank me later. I gotta be honest, while the food from Taco Bell isn’t top notch, sometimes it hits the spot. Usually it’s when you’re hungry late at night and there are no better options, or when you binge watch chowder. Nothing compares to real Mexican food though. The history and culture behind it makes its existence worthwhile and necessary. But even places like Taco Bell has its history from its creation by Glen Bell in San Bernardino. Something valuable I learned in class was from the video we watched with Gustavo Arellano about how if it wasn’t for the Mitla cafe, Taco Bell may not exist today.


Published by ploftus99

I am a junior English major at St. John's University.

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